Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Wish I Was A Walrus

On one of those nights... I didn't feel like LFR, like dailies, like grinding bones (pun not intended, for all you pervs out there thinking it), like Timeless Isle, like having an adventure...

I felt like riding the logs in Grizzly Hills.

After several rides down the river toward Venture Bay, Anou took to her flying mount and made a few pit stops. One of them was at a seemingly vacant fishing shack (with fish still dangling from a rack) that looked so picturesque, I thought to take the coords for a possible future photo-shoot! But in my excitement, I pronounced my immediate thoughts, without filter, to the guild...

Ah, ya.. ya. Probably should have kept that to myself. My husband, who sits at his desk about one foot behind me, first gaped at me in disbelief, then just shook his head. LoL ;)


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