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Nope, Still Doesn't Want'im

Darger /snickers as the King of the Lich monologues.

Arthas blinks in disbelief, feeling robbed once again.

Remember back when I'd written about Fordring and Darger racing to Mass Rez? Well, we went back to the Citadel again, and... Well... Things didn't change. This time, still sporting half his hp, Darger even appeared to be taunting the Lich King with a "neerner-neener" from partly behind the ice block that was Fordring.

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Ironcrow of Arathor

You, sir, look quite perfect. For a Panda.

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View from the Hobbit Hole

On location from New Zealand.

Saturday, August 16, 2014 4 comments

Tribute to Vikings

Back when WotLK came out, my first 'toon leveling through those zones was Anoukisse. At the time, my husband and I leveled our mains together, so she was always trekking along behind Hapis, a very wide-shouldered and sexy Tauren. Yummeh. Errr.. anyway... Since he was the leader, and I think because it was most convenient from the departure point we were at, we leveled from the Eastern side of the new continent.

My first impression of Howling Fjord was actually AMAZING! I loved the music in that zone, the graphics, the Northern Lights, I loved the giant viking-type NPCs (even if I had to kill them with fire) and their neat little villages. Dragons flying in the sky were just a bonus.

Recently, I went back there for my try at the mount in UP, and I saw the massive castle-like structure from a different angle, and I just had to take a snap of it for posterity.

One day, Ragnar will be king, and he will hold this castle as his own. And Anou will visit him. >:) But I will not be writing about that interlude. /cackle

Ragnar Lothbrok

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Just Dropping By

Now, here is evidence that Anou really is a gnome spy. Or.. an unreasonable facsimile.

On my quest to get an Alliance 'toon to 90 for the Double Agent achievement, as you can see, I've finally made it to Panda-Land! Only ten more to go! (/rubs temples /mutters something about 'Alliance scum')

Don't mind me!

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Cat Nap

Anou's favorite companion pets are the cats she picked up mostly as strays in Silvermoon City. One of her favorites though, was a gift from Exier's brother Evade (who's story can somewhat be found here). She named him Roméo--quite fitting, as she had the biggest crush on Evade for as long as she could remember...

Roméo waits for his mistress' return.
Ever faithful, Roméo can often be found napping in Anou's favorite spot at the Shrine's second floor café.
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Top Chef Azeroth

That would be a really cool show, actually. A handful of geeks face-off in Hell's Kitchen or something, with mystery ingredients, and are forced to pull off some real-life version of a Warcraft recipe...


Squealing like a proud mama from the live studio audience, here's a picture I snapped of Anou as she waited demurely for her cooking challenge to start. I'm so PROUD of her for actually finishing her training for those adorable little noodle carts!

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Kickingcrab, Destroyer's End

I absolutely love this get-up on an Orc. They are supposed to be fierce and primal! Yet all you see is Orcs in shiny plate or long flowing gowns. With shoes on! SHOES?! Really? C'mon, Orcs!

So, I raise my hat to this fellow--whom I even spoke to through whispers--congratulating his outfit and his originality! This is what tmog is supposed to be about! Getting into character!