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Words would just mar the eloquence of this photo. Shh!
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Size Matters

We were having too much fun with this. Were? Heck, we still are!

Back before patch 5.4, when we ran The Barrens Weekly to get coins and stuff, one of the vendors sold a trinket in exchange for 500 Kor'kron Stone: Whole-Body Shrinka'. Pallyblood, Darger and I went and farmed all that stone the night before 5.4 to be able to buy this vanity item.

We had previously seen Kuiper use it on his shaman during raid. He'd shrink down and auto-run towards the boss, then he'd actually talk in vent like a shrunk person, with this voice-altering program he has. It is one of the absolute funniest things I have ever experienced in game, and had all of us laughing hysterically.

On a side note, here's a shot of Hercules walking the roads of Orgrimmar with his bodyguards.

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The Light and The Darkness

Octavien had been farming Stratholme religiously for that epic two-handed sword that drops off the final boss. One afternoon he was wandering the premises waiting for his "you have entered too many instances recently" problem to go away, when he stumbled upon this rare roaming the area.

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Mail-Order Priestess

This screen shot was taken so long ago, I don't even remember her name. But her transmog spoke to me. I love the glowy effect it has, looks very ethereal, and at the same time I love that a class you would normally find wearing robes has dressed in pants. The cloak completes the outfit perfectly, adding extra mystery to this unknown character.

Feel free to add the names of the pieces shown above in the comments if you know them by heart, thanks!
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The Prison Dog

Following up on my The Captain's Booty (Pirates of the Caribbean) and WoW: Disney Edition posts, here's another scene you'll find in game that you will most likely recognize:

Charlie, Northern Barrens

Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Walt Disney World

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Fiction and Chetuhan, Arathor US

As always, I don't have the names of these items. I don't usually have the time to sit there, inspect, and write everything down because I'm either running to a raid, my queue pops up, the person runs away or disappears, etc. Again, please feel free to comment with the item names if you happen to know them. Thanks!

Above, the only thing I know for a fact is that Fiction is wearing the tailor-made Priest PvP helm (Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Sating Hood/Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Mooncloth Helm) or a reasonable facsimile. I was so disappointed when I realized I couldn't even transmog this item! :/

Hate the name, love the look. It doesn't quite exactly match, but the variations go together in a pleasing way that caught my eye immediately.