Friday, August 30, 2013 2 comments

Gate of the Setting Sun

As seen while crossing into Dread Wastes from Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 6 comments

That Fereldin...

As our heroes prepare to enter a random heroic to easily cap their valor points for the week...

Ready... Set...

Wait! Korgak wonders where Fereldin has gone...?

Ferel in a Barrel

Sunday, August 25, 2013 4 comments

Busy Hands

One night, during an alt-run of MSV, Octavien just couldn't keep his hands to himself...

Thursday, August 22, 2013 3 comments

Saracophagus, the Priest

Here is another person who's t-mog—and character name—really blasted my mind! (Get it? Priest? Mind Blast? Aaaah, alrighty then.)

Again, I didn't look at the list of items, so feel free to comment/post if you know what she's wearing! :)
Monday, August 19, 2013 6 comments


I was over at Mog's Addiction the other day, and browsing through the various pages, I fell on this post. Naturally, being the impatiently curious type, I clicked on the images before reading the post. The first image was this one:

Image Pilfered from Mog's Addicion

She was talking about a new add-on for those already using MogIt, called MogIt_Armory, a random transmog stalker of sorts, to help inspire those looking through the tons of available gear for ideas on what other fashionistas have, err, fashioned.

Anyway, low and behold, don't I notice straight off that the top middle t-mog looks exactly like mine? Now, keep in mind, I am not reading, only looking. My first thought was "Awww! I'm not unique!", immediately followed by "Wait a minute! Someone stole my t-mog!" That last thought was quickly replaced with a "GASP! That's my Anou!"

Naturally, I felt that somehow Anou had become a celebrity! A famous fashionista! There she was, listed with Gilraén and Cymre, Incinderella and Kamalia, Samaramon and Dizzywick, and tons of others who I have come to think of as WoW Celebrities...

I didn't know whether to be flattered that people everywhere could see my transmog, or creeped out that a sneaky little add-on randomly chose Anou (among others) to offer inspiration to those less fortunate (/giggle).

Evidently, I must now download said add-on to see if my ÜBER male, Octavien, happens to be among the many pages of insightful ideas.

Edit 27/08/2013: Draynee wrote about this addon too! :)
Thursday, August 15, 2013 4 comments

Anoukisse Machiavelli

It had been too long since her last visit to the ruins of Gilneas. Anou was looking for something to do after leaving the Undercity on business, and the ruins called to her. There is simply nothing like hearing the pathetic howls of distress from ugly Worgen muzzles as the Forsaken burn their villages to the ground.

Anoukisse climbed to the top-most tower, and called Pitch, her faithful Red Proto Drake. Mounting with confidence, she watched the drake turn his scaly head to the west and off they flew.

As she walked through a vacant village, peeking into empty houses as she went, Anou noticed what appeared to be a furry little pup laying by a roaring fire. She stepped cautiously over the threshold, the house's door fallen away long ago, and sure enough, a worgen youngling slept peacefully by the heat of the flames. Anou stopped, a pang of pity sweeping over her at the thought of this abandoned little creature, alone, fending for himself.

Awwww. <3

She could hear his soft snores as he lay there, oblivious, while the rain drizzled outside and the dampness licked at the stones under his tiny body. Standing there, watching him, Anou felt the stirrings of a very good idea... Without any remorse whatsoever, she knelt by his side, clipped a silver chain around his scrawny neck and gave him a light shove.

Rude Awakening


With eyes round as saucers, the little worgen cub quickly stood, realizing what had happened. He howled for help, but the passing guards made too much noise in all their armor to hear his miserable squeals. Anoukisse grinned at him and cackled maniacally. Tugging the leash, she mostly dragged him to the door, mocking his meager attempts at resistance and escape.

"Stop being such a baby."

"This mulish little thing will certainly fetch a good price. Someone has to be looking for him after all," Anou thought to herself. "Come along, Ransom, I'm going to set your house on fire the old-fashioned way in case someone comes looking for you." The wicked warlock gave him her most evilest, vilest grin ever and yanked the leash viciously, pulling the bedraggled pup out into the mist and pushing her lit torch into some dry wood by the front steps.

Together they stood for a few minutes, watching the fire catch, listening to the whispering flames creep across what the young fellow knew as "home", as he moaned with despair. Then Anou scooped him up by the scruff and stuffed him in one of her emptier bags, and whistled for Pitch who was probably nearby devouring an ugly Gilnean hound.

Again she mounted, and they took off with a mighty whoosh, her bag bulging with squirming loot.

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Savage Darkness Vs Council of Elders

Though it took many, many, many tries, Savage Darkness finally found the right combination to get down Council of Elders in the Throne of Thunder on 10-man normal last week. Here is the proof!



Lyv, being of the undead variety, prefers darkness and a hard, damp floor to lay her bones to sleep. Pandaria is just too full of happy-glowy-furry-cuddly for her tastes.

Lyv "Moss" and the Cockroach

Thursday, August 1, 2013 2 comments

One of the Guys

Octavien enters the dusky portico of Throne of Thunder. He dusts off imaginary lint from his sleeves—you never know what you'll find in a load screen—and looks around. Polishing off the rim of his tankard, he greets his fellow teammates. "Hi guys!"


"So, uh, guys. What's up?"

"Om, nom, nom," can be heard collectively from around the banquet table.

"Guys?" Octavien is starting to feel like that one time, at band camp, when the other little blood elves didn't want him to sit with them at lunch because one of his long, flowing locks was knotted with mud. His eyes narrow at that recollection and he shakes his head, putting that painful memory behind him just as quickly as it presented itself.

Only the sounds of chewing and swallowing can be heard. A grunt catches his ears and Octavien's eyes go from one orc to the other then back again and across to the crouching troll at his right.

Darger: "Sit. Eat. We kill stuff next."

Korgak nods at their leader's wise words.

Octavien rolls his eyes, sits as he's told, and starts the process of buffing up. Orcs, 'nuff said.