Thursday, August 22, 2013

Saracophagus, the Priest

Here is another person who's t-mog—and character name—really blasted my mind! (Get it? Priest? Mind Blast? Aaaah, alrighty then.)

Again, I didn't look at the list of items, so feel free to comment/post if you know what she's wearing! :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like the devout robes, Scythe of Ahune, the tier 5 Priest shoulders (at least I think it's 5, the ones from Serpentshrine Caverns etc) and the belt the virtuous belt. Not sure about the hat though.

Elisa said...

Awesome! Thanks so much Erynis! What respect I have for someone who can look at gear, and in a glance know which pieces they are...! <3

Elisa said...

Aha! And I found the name of the helm. Crown of Eternal Winter. Pretty awesome/scary when it transforms into a skele face.

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