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Noodle Carts

Though it took her some time, Anou earned her Noodle Cart recipes (before WoD, I assure you) and was glad to whip up a batch of grub for the boys.

Maybe this first batch isn't up to par...

Anyone else? No? No one's hungry?

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The Mines of Moria

One day, while Anou was out on a mission, her adventuresome spirit and avid curiosity lead her to this cave. As she descended into its darkness, the bright light of her staff lighting each footstep, she felt like she was on the set of Lord of the Rings, discovering the Mines of Moria.

This is currently my desktop wallpaper. ;)

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WoD Scenery

This expansion has been my favorite so far since my beginnings during the Burning Crusade! The landscapes are by far the most beautiful I've seen! I like how smoothly the story and questing unfolds, bringing me logically from one place to the next. Having decided to level Anou first, I don't feel the usual pressure of a level grind (because DPS are a dime a dozen for end content), so I randomly go off exploring, I click on anything that can be clicked, hunt all the silver portraits that appear on my mini map. I really like the Bonus Objectives, giving me a break from the norm if and when I so choose. At first the Garrison bothered me, because they plunked it down right at the beginning when I wasn't remotely bored yet, and I felt there was too much to do there, preventing me from moving forward. But now, it's there, I can return whenever I want (smart move to add a Garrison hearthstone), but I'm not obliged to do anything there anymore. It is nice to have somewhere where I get rested XP, yet can fish, cook, mosey around, and be alone. Good work, Blizz! <3

Here are some breath-taking vistas from the new zones...

Just outside my Garrison

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The Garrison

I must admit, even though Anou is Horde and an evil Warlock to boot, her sensitive inner side was upset at having to destroy the trees and natural beauty of the landscape to make her Garrison. She would have completely bypassed that entire part of the game, except... Thrall made her. /sadface

The ideal place to park a Garrison. Pre-demolition.

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Year of the Warlock

One day in LFR...

No. There weren't seven Warlocks, no. Not at all. You can't prove anything.

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Lamplight on the Cobbled Path

Anoukisse was out exploring again, something she gets distracted with while doing other things such as prospecting. (Lyv has begged and begged her for that staff from the Dwarven archaeology fragments for a tmog outfit of purple epicness—Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan.) On her way to a digsite, the glow from lamp posts along the semi-cobbled path through the mountains from Strahnbrad made her pause. Click click click went my "camera" as Anou posed for screenshots in her Beautiful outfit.




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Hallow's End Funny Business

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Posthumous Humor, by Lyv the Hallowed

Then she got an idea. An awful idea! Lyv got a wonderful, awful idea! "I know just what I'll do," the priest laughed in her throat.... So, she headed to Orgrimmar to carry out her plan.

(Notice how the G.N.E.R.D.S. lightbulb fizzles if you're a priest in shadowform. /giggle.)
"Little miss Muffet
Sat on her tuffet
Eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider
Who sat down beside her
And frightened miss Muffet away."

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Die, Garrosh, DIE!

Well, the raid team we had—that plodded through ALL the raids from this expansion, some even several times—dispersed after 80-some pulls on the last and final boss, Mr. Garrosh Hellscream. That was unfortunate. And it made me pissy and grumbly. (I would so never have done that cloak quest line had I known!)

Luckily for me, our very own Goblin Priest, Berdine, who's stamina and determination had him raiding pretty much simultaneously with two different guilds, was able to pull some strings and get me in on a regular group SoO, to see the final boss fight.

Yay! Killed the boss. Yay! Saw the end. Yay! Got the mount! Thanks to Berd, and Rook, and the gang in Midnight Marauders for letting me be part of the team for a few weeks! :) /kiss kiss

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Tako's Ride

Once upon a time, in the lush oasis in the middle of Desolace, Takoda was offered a lift by one of the centaurs. You know those centaurs—always bragging about their strength and prowess...

Journey's start...

Journey's end...

In case you're wondering, this is the quest. Did you see Khan's face? He's practically sweating from the weight of my itty bitty drood.

Ha, as if! I made him a male Tauren for his sheer size and sex appeal. /wicked grin
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And Bitstrips Ensued...

For awhile there, everyone who was anyone (on Facebook) was trending with the Bitstrips "app". I, being the princesse, also dabbled with the comic strips, to express my frustration towards a few guildies—we won't name names now, right Berd?—with regards to the Legendary Cloak quest chain.

Berdine bullies Anou to continue the interminable quest chain.

Darger insists on helping with the group quests in the series.

"Will the quest chain NEVER END??!"

Berdine enjoys Anou's suffering far too much.

Tiger loots Anou while Anou tries to find her body in Naxx.

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The Foothills

Dearest Hillsbrad,
How I loathed thee whilst leveling. Seriously. Bloody farmers. Farkin' alliance scum tearing up the NPCs at Tarren Mill. Ceaseless PvP bloodshed. Lions and spiders and bears, oh my! Need I say more?

Then, upon discovering Old Hillsbrad, I was so delighted to see how Tarren Mill had been during the age of humans. Comparing it to the present-time decrepit buildings run by corpses, the Hillsbrad I knew, was poignant to say the least!

Yet now, how I miss thee since the tragic Cataclysm. The ironic undead modernization; abandoned alliance territory falling into decay. Yes, you brought along Johnny Awesome and his "friends", an absorbing mini-game for amateur gardeners, and your new quests were the most entertaining in-game ever, but still...
It just isn't the same. I mourn the loss of you.

Sincerely yours, Anoukisse

"It's good to be.." /gasp

"This is not how I remembered it."

A look at what was once the village of Southshore.

For those interested, featured above: Embroidered Armor, Patchwork Belt, Simple Kilt, Knitted Sandals, Beautiful Wildflowers. Photo bombers: Little Fawn and Orange Tabby (mount: Regal Riding Crane).

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Nope, Still Doesn't Want'im

Darger /snickers as the King of the Lich monologues.

Arthas blinks in disbelief, feeling robbed once again.

Remember back when I'd written about Fordring and Darger racing to Mass Rez? Well, we went back to the Citadel again, and... Well... Things didn't change. This time, still sporting half his hp, Darger even appeared to be taunting the Lich King with a "neerner-neener" from partly behind the ice block that was Fordring.

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Ironcrow of Arathor

You, sir, look quite perfect. For a Panda.

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View from the Hobbit Hole

On location from New Zealand.

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Tribute to Vikings

Back when WotLK came out, my first 'toon leveling through those zones was Anoukisse. At the time, my husband and I leveled our mains together, so she was always trekking along behind Hapis, a very wide-shouldered and sexy Tauren. Yummeh. Errr.. anyway... Since he was the leader, and I think because it was most convenient from the departure point we were at, we leveled from the Eastern side of the new continent.

My first impression of Howling Fjord was actually AMAZING! I loved the music in that zone, the graphics, the Northern Lights, I loved the giant viking-type NPCs (even if I had to kill them with fire) and their neat little villages. Dragons flying in the sky were just a bonus.

Recently, I went back there for my try at the mount in UP, and I saw the massive castle-like structure from a different angle, and I just had to take a snap of it for posterity.

One day, Ragnar will be king, and he will hold this castle as his own. And Anou will visit him. >:) But I will not be writing about that interlude. /cackle

Ragnar Lothbrok

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Just Dropping By

Now, here is evidence that Anou really is a gnome spy. Or.. an unreasonable facsimile.

On my quest to get an Alliance 'toon to 90 for the Double Agent achievement, as you can see, I've finally made it to Panda-Land! Only ten more to go! (/rubs temples /mutters something about 'Alliance scum')

Don't mind me!

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Cat Nap

Anou's favorite companion pets are the cats she picked up mostly as strays in Silvermoon City. One of her favorites though, was a gift from Exier's brother Evade (who's story can somewhat be found here). She named him Roméo--quite fitting, as she had the biggest crush on Evade for as long as she could remember...

Roméo waits for his mistress' return.
Ever faithful, Roméo can often be found napping in Anou's favorite spot at the Shrine's second floor café.
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Top Chef Azeroth

That would be a really cool show, actually. A handful of geeks face-off in Hell's Kitchen or something, with mystery ingredients, and are forced to pull off some real-life version of a Warcraft recipe...


Squealing like a proud mama from the live studio audience, here's a picture I snapped of Anou as she waited demurely for her cooking challenge to start. I'm so PROUD of her for actually finishing her training for those adorable little noodle carts!

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Kickingcrab, Destroyer's End

I absolutely love this get-up on an Orc. They are supposed to be fierce and primal! Yet all you see is Orcs in shiny plate or long flowing gowns. With shoes on! SHOES?! Really? C'mon, Orcs!

So, I raise my hat to this fellow--whom I even spoke to through whispers--congratulating his outfit and his originality! This is what tmog is supposed to be about! Getting into character!

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La Mort

"La mort", in French, means "death". Literally, it can translate to "the death". This is a warlock on our realm, who I met several expansions ago--though we didn't keep in touch--who was excellent at his class back in the day, and judging by his current gear, still is.

While Octavien waited for something to happen, he stood quietly in the Shrine, people-watching. That's when he spotted Lamort standing a few feet away in his hideous ensemble. The men briefly exchanged words along the lines of "that's exactly what a warlock should look like" and then went on their way, as men are wont to do.

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Can't Get Enough of Krasarang Wilds

I've mentioned it before: Of all Pandaria, Krasarang Wilds is my favorite zone. Not so much for the mobs or quest lines, but for the splendor of the vista. In my opinion, Blizzard designers went above and beyond as far as graphic textures and details, making the view from whichever angle quite breathtaking.

As Anou flew over the cool forests of Krasarang, hunting for silver portraits, she couldn't help capture some shots of the panorama.

As the sun sets over Krasarang Wilds...

The majestic tower of The Temple of the Red Crane.

The last fading rays of sun pierce through leaves.

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Green Ox Gives You Wings!

This is the end of a quest line that tormented me for weeks and weeks and weeks. The very idea of this quest line gave birth to many late-night Facebook Bitstrips dripping frustration and sarcasm. And of course, we must blame Berdine because it's tradition—and not because he was the little green representative of the vile black dragon's spawn, bullying me through a computer screen to "get it done already!", no, not for that reason, no.

Anduin: A chill just went up my spine!
Wrathion: Something tells me our friend has returned triumphant.

? Heart of the Thunder King

Wrathion: Ahh - the heart of a King. The powers of a God.
Anduin: What are you doing? You're not seriously going to eat that-
Wrathion: It is filled with Titan magic, the very language of creation...

Wrathion walks to the railing, and eats the heart.

Wrathion: Oh - I see them - a million, million worlds - glittering in their perfection - but one above all others - oh -
(Then, in a possessed voice)

Anduin: What are you trying to pull?
Wrathion: It is gone. I don't remember any of it. Oh! None of them remember. The irony!
Anduin: What are you talking about? I don't trust you.
Wrathion: You are wise not to. Champion, I need time to..."digest" what I have learned. But soon, we will take action.

Wrathion: I will meet you at each of the four shrines, champion.

Wrathion transforms, and flies away.

(¯`·._(¯`·._( Yu'lon )_.·´¯)_.·´¯)

Wrathion: The Jade Serpent is the incarnation of wisdom in Pandaria. Let's see what she has to say. Great Jade Serpent! Hear our plea. My champion and I seek the blessing of your wisdom.
Yu'lon: Ah, the dragon-child and the hero. Together you will achieve great things. Tell me, dragon-child: What is the nature of wisdom?
Wrathion: To do what is right, no matter the cost. That is wisdom.
Yu'lon: Spoken like a true child of the Aspects. Always seeking to change the world. But true wisdom comes from KNOWING what is right. And sometimes, DOING nothing at all.
Wrathion: When is it ever wise not to act for the greater good?
Yu'lon: To learn THAT is to learn true wisdom. Come forward! I will give you my blessing.

 (¯`·._(¯`·._( Niuzao )_.·´¯)_.·´¯)

Wrathion says: Here we are, the home of Niuzao, the Black Ox. He is the patron spirit of Pandaren fortitude, the only celestial who chooses to live beyond the wall. Mighty Black Ox! Hear our plea. My champion and I seek your blessing of fortitude.
Niuzao says: So enters the dragon, and his mortal champion. You are welcome here. Tell me, Black Prince: What is the nature of fortitude?
Wrathion says: The strength to overcome any hardship! This is fortitude.
Niuzao says: You confuse strength with fortitude, young dragon. But power is worthless without spirit. I have seen humble slaves endure unimaginable torture, only to rise up and overthrow their masters. And I have seen the mightiest of emperors laid low by the perseverance of the smallest of enemies.
Wrathion says: You mean to say - physical strength is developed without, but fortitude comes from within?
Niuzao says: Precisely!
Wrathion says: ...Sure, I knew that.
Niuzao says: Of course you did.

(¯`·._(¯`·._( Chi-Ji )_.·´¯)_.·´¯)

Wrathion says: The Red Crane of Hope has inspired the citizens of Pandaria from the very dawn of history. I very much want to speak with him. Great Red Crane! Hear our plea. My champion and I seek your blessing of hope.
Chi-Ji says: My my, the child of the Worldbreaker, proof that none are beyond redemption. I am honored by your visit. Tell me, son of the Earth-Warder: What is the nature of hope?
Wrathion says: Hope is... a belief in a better tomorrow.
Chi-Ji says: You speak, but you doubt your own words.
Wrathion says: ...Great Crane. You have not seen what I have seen.
Chi-Ji says: You underestimate me.
Wrathion says: ...the fires that once burned the sky will return. It is inevitable. The Burning Legion WILL find Azeroth. Seas of blood, cities in ruin! Who are we - one divided world - to stand against a legion? You speak of hope. Believe me, the thinnest sliver of belief that we might somehow survive the coming devastation is all that sustains me.
Chi-Ji says: Rise, son of Deathwing. I will give you my blessing, for you need it more than any I have ever met. I challenge you not to think of hope as a vague and unimaginable future. Live EVERY day with hope in your heart. In doing so, you CREATE the future you dream of.
Wrathion says: ...thank you, Great Crane.

For all intents and purposes, I cannot find the screenshots that went with Octavien and Wrathion's rendez-vous with Xuen, so we'll leave it at that. :) Anyway, this post is already long enough.