Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bride of the Embalmer

Upon her many travels, Anoukisse discovered a crooked old shed somewhere in the back country of Duskwood. The lit lanterns indicated someone was there. Eliza, Bride of the Embalmer stood in the entrance of her damp home, hollow eyes watching Anou's approach suspiciously.

Oddly though, I thought of this:
"Eliza, you are to stay here for the next six months learning to speak beautifully, like a lady in a florist's shop. If you work hard and do as you're told, you shall sleep in a proper bedroom, have lots to eat, and money to buy chocolates and go for rides in taxis. But if you are naughty and idle, you shall sleep in the back kitchen amongst the black beetles, and be wolloped by Mrs. Pearce with a broomstick." ~ Prof. Higgins
 Guess we know which one she chose.. ;)

Not sure if this NPC is still in game or not. Comments are varied. I may have to take a treck out there again!


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