Wednesday, May 2, 2012

S.D. vs Alysrazor


We came, we saw, (we wiped a few times,) we conquered. Tyvm.

This is technically progression for us because our guild came back in full force a couple of weeks before Dragon Soul was released, so we never finished Firelands.

During one of our attempts (because we always decide to read up on the fights after attempting them a couple of times and dying several painful deaths--something about overconfidence killing the proverbial cat) we were rushed to the edge of the cliff wall by a band of mutant singing sunflowers! Don't be fooled by their sweet smiles and melodic voices! They are the sirens of this barren wasteland of flame!

Sadistic Killers

Upon my release and arrival in ghost form to the platform outside the Firelands instance, I met a couple of orphaned orphans, level-one critters, and an abandoned picnic basket. The encounter was still in progress--Mothia just refused to die--and despite my return to humanoid form, there they were, still alone on the platform. I mean come on! Who leaves orphans and level-one critters unsupervised around Ragnaros' domain? I voiced my thoughts on this in Vent, but Kuiper suggested I leave off the alcohol and drugs before raid. -.- As if. Here's the proof:

Where Are the Lunch Monitors?!?!


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