Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mountain of Mounts

Last night, after several attempts with a different team on Heroic Morchok, we switched it to regular and bull-dozed. We'd gotten a late start and a lot of us were tired anyway... Once again, someone decided on a theme and everyone picked it up.

There was another screencap I got seconds after where Kuiper joined our line with his own raptor mount, but Viag decided to mount a camel and that totally killed my modus operandi. The balance was all off.

This being said, I have started a new Label--you can see at right--called Mountain of Mounts. This Label will actually be about displaying screen caps I took where mounts are the prime focus, and not about special in-game mounts I've won or seen or what not.

 Edited Oct. 28th, 2013: This category has been merged into various others, such as The Critter Collection and Guild Snapshots and Events. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, I am anal about clutter.


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