Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Lorewalkers

On one particular week in May, I was driven to find all those glowy, scrolly lore-related things scattered around Pandaria, for the achievements. I didn't realize how much work had gone into that part of the game, and to be honest, I freaking loved it. I enjoyed scouting around, making a haphazard itinerary, calling Dargeralstraz—a.k.a. Darger—"James" because he chauffeured me around as a Sandstone Drake. Whilst leveling, I'd clicked and read a lot of those glowy, scrolly things, but had never gone out of my way to find them all—leveling takes enough of my concentration as it is. Plus, eventually, I also like to get all the achievements on Anou, as she is my... my... sinfully beautiful alter ego.

So there we were, traveling across the map, clicking on bits of lore, killing rares that happened to be in the way. I managed to work on (and complete) several achievements at once:
  • Legend of the Brewfathers
  • I'm in Your Base, Killing Your Dudes
  • Rumbles of Thunder
  • The Zandalari Prophecy
  • Gods and Monsters
  • Zul'Again
  • The Song of the Yaungol
  • Ballad of Liu Lang
  • Hozen in the Mist
  • Fish Tales
  • Between a Saurok and a Hard Place
  • Restore Balance
  • The Lorewalkers
  • 55 Exalted Reputations
  • Klaxxi
  • What is Worth Fighting For

Special thanks to my GM for hanging out with me and chit chatting while I flew back and forth in a disorganized fashion (until I made the makeshift itinerary), and to Bone for unwittingly assisting with I'm in Your Base, Killing Your Dudes. (I mean, I had no idea those rares where the ones that lead to that achievement, even though every time it flashed in guild for someone who'd earned it, I was like, that is such a great achievement, everyone needs to be killing the alliance's dudes and going neener neener about it!) Ahh. Gloating over the corpses of your arch enemies. What a way to end an evening of exploration.

Anyway, all this being said, I also had no idea that Lorewalker Cho would be so excited by all her research that he'd send Anou individual... umm... cans in the mail, giving her rendez-vous to meet him at the Seat of Knowledge. Each one of those cans got her a vision of lore, complete with narrative by Cho himself, and a ton of rep to boot! I'm not usually a lore buff (as mentioned earlier, my attention span is not as evolved as other people's), so this whole stage at the Seat of Knowledge was like a bag of candy for me. (For the record, I don't really like candy.) Especially the fact that you can repeat those narratives with their visions at any time, simply by asking him! Obviously, I took screen shots of my favorite moments...

Did you know? The Jinyu evolved from Murlocs!

The Mogu were children of the Titans!

The Yaungol were once Tauren who adapted to survive.

By far, the narrative that came from Gods and Monsters was my favorite. In particular, the very first scene depicting Varian and Anduin Wrynn..

Very touching. And here's a free French lesson for all y'all: "Très émouvant."

I leave you all with a quote:
"Parents place their children on a path, but they don't always know where the road will take them." ~Lorewalker Cho


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