Saturday, February 9, 2013

Carousel Ride

Anou has a jolly ole' time on the new Carousel at the Darkmoon Faire.

Which category to file this under?

Around the World?—This is Darkmoon Island, but it's more an event than a postcard.
Mountain of Mounts?—Technically, this is a mount, though it's not exactly *Anou's*.
Official Party Business?—A faire is kind of like a party, isn't it?
Romance?—Carousel, 'nuff said. Actually, she's alone on the carousel.


Navimie said...

Hmm, I would put it under World Events /grin

Elisa said...

Excellent idea, Navi! :D I hadn't thought of that...

By the way, I tried replying to this post on Sunday but there was a glitch in the matrix and it didn't publish.. Sorry about that!

[This post was moved from Miscellaneous to World Events.]

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