Monday, February 25, 2013

Old School Illidan

On another of our Old School Raid Days runs, Savage Darkness went to Black Temple, content we had not managed to explore during the Burning Crusade because our guild was fairly young, the players all new to the game at the time.

With Born as our tank, leading the way, and Tiger bringing up the rear with her dancing-tree-heals, we stormed his palace, emptied his harems, and got up close and personal...

Incidentally, isn't the back of Anou's dress pretty? She won that robe (Robe of the Shadow Council), as well as the shoulders, minutes earlier and took it to save, despite the fact that transmogrification wasn't even a whisper on the horizon.

She just likes to look good. She can't help it you know, she's a blood elf! She's naturally inclined to be pretty and attract attention.


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