Friday, February 22, 2013


I took it upon myself one day, for several reasons which for now will remain untold, to level an Alliance mage. I brought a Worgen to level 23 then deleted her because I simply could not put up with the way they hobble around. A few weeks later, I tried again with a Human, and for now it's working.

A quest was given to my new 'toon to go kill James Clark, who was wanted for robbery, burglary, arson and murder. That's a hefty list of crimes. The guy was living peacefully in a quiet logging village, where no one was the wiser. Naturally, my new hero tracked him down and took him down like a heartless (yet stylish) bounty hunter.

Buh-bye James Clark

But... Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Little Kevin randomly came into the room, walked all the way around, stood at the edge of the carpet while I slaughtered James Clark, and walked casually out again. Oh, and the romantic Valentine's day wreath totally completes the picture.

Speaking of which, here's another one of those "quirk" photos I like to take, note the heart-shaped candle on the barrel...

Home Sweet Home


Navimie said...

It's interesting, these ethical dilemmas that we seem to come across! And boy do you have a keen eye for detail...

Elisa said...

It was just especially really creepy to see the little boy just walk in. And where he stopped, sort of bent forward, almost gave the impression that he was chanting a mantra, trying to get into a "safe space".

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