Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mogu'Shan Vaults 10-Man Normal

It is with pride that I display the following corpses:

Gara'jal the Spirit Binder

The Spirit Kings

Elegon's Treasure

For once, we are leaving this room.

You have to give our guys credit: They are willing to wipe between 34 and 38 times to get a boss down. Elegon took our guild roughly 4 weeks, and we finally downed him on Tuesday night. But what a feeling! You're sitting on the edge of your seat, 2 people are left standing, it's the last 8k hp left on the boss... and then... ACHIEVEMENT! And you let out your breath and you /squeeeeeeeeeeeee into Vent! (Korgak: "Anou, please clear vent.")

Wipe at 0%?? Are you KIDDING?!

In the above picture, note the time 10:01pm and how many wipes we had at that time, 34. We downed him within the next 20 minutes, so, proof of our team's perseverance.

Edit: I was reminded that I missed one night with the team on account of being very ill. So, say we tack another 10 wipes to these, although that night shouldn't count since the team was all backwards.


Nica said...

Less than 40 wipes to down a boss? Dang. :) I would switch our 70+ to that! Greatly depends on boss, though. It's worth it too, and good fun three times a week! :D

Elisa said...

Ya! Well, like I said, the number varied because some of us missed a night, and our worst teammate had 51 wipes on his count because he'd run it with another guild too. I'm guessing 40-45 is probably more accurate. And you're right Nica, it *does* depend on the boss! But let me say one thing. If you have a team that is willing to wipe 70+ times to get the boss down, then I applaud them! Your team is solid! And that's the most important part of a raid team! :D

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