Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shiny Happy People

After only three nights on this fight, we killed the Emperors on 10-man normal.

The Emperor(s) Have No Will Left

When these guys died, we tried several blind attempts on Vizier Zor'lok, and by our second night, he followed suit.

Vizier Zor'lok's (Rather Timely) Demise

(Apologies for the chaos and general disorganization of the above screenshot. The Guild Standard was put down randomly, and the boys were being unruly. To top it off, our GM was trying to be the boss of me.)

Now off I go to study the next two bosses, because we generally have no direction, no raid leader in our group, so the "top dog" tends to proceed blindly, and then half the group whines about mechanics being too hard and all the wipes, etc. Because I am a girl and often get lost in dungeons and a variety of other reasons, they never take me seriously when I try to take charge. :/


Kaitz said...

Congrats on the kills :)

Elisa said...

Thanks Kaitz! :)

Navimie said...

Grats on the kills Anou! And what do you mean disorganized? Who isn't screaming for joy and jumping around when they get a new boss kill! LOL

Elisa said...

Thanks Navi! :D Actually, disorganized because usually we all face the same way and stuff--even if Tomute's flipping tables, or Bandya's "enlarged", or Fereldin is already starting to run off...

Sorry for not responding sooner, btw!

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